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More Pleasure, More Happiness! A "Sexual Position" Loved by Women, Simpler Than Imagined

27 nov 2023
how to make a woman squirt

The German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who initially proposed the concept of the G-spot, clearly stated: the G-spot is a relatively sensitive area located within the vagina, about 3-5 centimeters in, continuous intense stimulation at this point may lead to a G-spot orgasm. However, this sensitive area's exact G-spot depends on the person.

Due to the influence of porn films,  the G-spot orgasm is seen as a groundbreaking experience by many, some equating it to a vaginal orgasm. The sensation of a G-spot orgasm is often described as explosive and may last for a while. During this process, there might be twitching, shaking, and a sensation similar to pee. The mind might briefly lose consciousness as if shocked, followed by a feeling of wanting to sleep, with the entire body feeling comfortable.

However, for many women, the G-spot seems like an urban legend. Every partner boasting of possessing a magic touch has faced defeat here, forcing them to embark on a journey of self-discovery.
When they decide to create miracles with their own hands, online tutorials become bewildering, unable to pinpoint the spot, leaving them resigned to the "fact" that they lack G-spot orgasms.

But across the vast expanse of our land, many people have created miracles through diligent exploration. Among our users is even a 60-year-old sister who has mastered G-spot orgasms and the "squirting" technique. Like Craasie often says, "The G-spot is there, waiting for everyone to explore, but I've encountered too many women who have never experienced the joy of stimulating the G-spot, which is quite a pity." therefore, how to make a woman squirt being so important.

So, to ensure that every industrious and capable girl can experience the best in life, let's explore some cutting-edge trends:

Mastering G-spot orgasms requires interpretation from cognitive concepts, physiological knowledge, practical skills, and intimate relationships. From psychology to physiology, step-by-step solutions unravel the confusion, allowing good sexual experiences to influence intimate relationships. An excellent intimate relationship not only enables comfortable communication in sexual matters but also aids in better conflict resolution and effective communication in daily life, making the partner feel more comfortable.

Regarding cognitive concepts, we must dispel misconceptions in our minds and accept accurate knowledge and skills. One can achieve happiness in practice only by embracing correct knowledge and skills without being influenced by previous misconceptions.

For example, G-spot orgasms and the "What is squirt" are considered the same together. Many people stimulate the G-spot and experience the "squirt," but there are many misunderstandings about it. If one holds misconceptions about the "squirting," it's possible to have overly high expectations and feel disappointed when the experience doesn't meet them. You might even mistake it for urinary incontinence. 

Worse, you might be so close to reaching it but mistake it for discomfort and call it off.

Crassie is going to explain what the "squirting" experience truly is, the mindset to approach it, how it feels when you're close, and what psychological expectations to have before reaching it. This way, you can better pursue and experience the joy of the "squirting." The more you understand, the more confidently you can experience the incredible sensations.

In the physiological knowledge section, understanding the female body, from the external to the internal parts, will be discussed in detail, including the G-spot, dissecting G-spot orgasms and the "squirting" from a physiological perspective. Understanding one's physiological structure and the G-spot's location is crucial.

This leads to "continuous intense stimulation." Only by confirming the G-spot and familiarizing yourself with the sensation of stimulation beforehand can one accurately grasp that fleeting feeling during self-stimulation and firmly tell yourself, "Yes, this is it, continue!" Then, during sexual intercourse with a partner, accurately convey your sensations.

Rather than hesitating about whether it's the right spot, feeling like it might be, yet fearing a lack of sensation after intense stimulation, leading to no progress. The more someone actively explores their body, the more they can free themselves from unnecessary shyness and constraints in sexual life, obtaining a happier experience more easily.

In practical skills, every step toward achieving G-spot orgasms, starting from preparation, gradually seeking the climax, and of course, not forgetting the cleanup afterward.

Crassie believes that even for women with partners, the self part also important. every person's physique and sensations are unique, and sometimes changing. What feels comfortable this time might not be the same next time.

So, how can expect a partner to immediately understand your hints? Only you understand body rhythms, and you lead your partner to serve your needs during intimacy.

G-spot orgasms require sustained intense stimulation. For instance, one of the most suitable positions to stimulate the G-spot is the doggy style, which is easier to "match."

Finally, the section on intimate relationships.

Sexual pleasure is often not just an individual experience. The quality of a relationship between two people can often be discerned from their sexual experiences; conversely, a happy sex life can enhance the warmth of a relationship. Enhancing sexual pleasure fosters intimacy.

Furthermore, by improving communication, not only does it help in candidly discussing sex with your partner for a more enjoyable sex life, but it also teaches how to communicate with your partner in everyday life, making the relationship sweeter.

For instance, try using fewer negative words when expressing needs and opt for statements or questions. Instead of saying, "Why didn't you wash the clothes?" say, "Could you please put the clothes in the washing machine?" This reduces condemnation and adds a touch of gentleness, making it more likely for the other person to fulfill your request.

It's just a simple change in language that can make everyone's interactions more comfortable.
This isn't limited to intimate relationships but can be used in conversations with anyone, helping you better express your thoughts.

Some say sex is a projection of the self. Exploring your body is exploring the self, and mastering your sexuality is mastering the self.

Hope everyone can become their true selves and enjoy everything you were initially meant to enjoy.


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