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10 of Best Dildos You Can Buy

18. Jan 2024

To discover the perfect lesbian dildo that suits both your preferences and your partner's, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Size Matters: What size are you aiming for in a dildo? Determine the optimal length and girth that align with your desires. For those interested in length, exploring double-ended options might be worthwhile. Remember, a dildo doesn't have to be overly girthy to provide a satisfying experience, as exemplified by the Tantus Chamber.

  • Stimulation Preferences: What kind of stimulation are you seeking? Some dildos offer features like temperature play or extra ridges. If G-spot stimulation is a priority, consider a dildo with a bulbous tip.

  • Material Priority: Which material do you prefer? Always prioritize body-safe materials, such as 100% silicone, borosilicate glass, or stainless steel. These materials are non-porous and free from harmful chemicals like phthalates.

  • Intended Use: How do you plan to use the dildo? If using it in a harness, opt for one with a suction cup or flared base. For those who enjoy shower play, ensure the dildo is waterproof. The versatility of use varies, so consider your preferences.

  • Budget Considerations: What's your budget? Dildos for lesbians come in a wide price range, from budget-friendly options under $19 to premium choices exceeding $59. Find one that fits your budget without compromising on quality.


In the realm of beginner-friendly pleasure, size isn't everything—especially with the Luna. Whether you're venturing into anal delights or seeking a more petite vaginal option, the Luna offers a sleek and versatile experience in four vibrant colors.

Measuring just over 4 inches in insertable length, this mini marvel is tailored for those embarking on their sex toy journey. Its non-realistic design, featuring a bulbous head, is crafted to reach deeper internal zones, providing intense stimulation for your G-spot or P-spot.

Achieve hands-free bliss by securing the Luna's suction cup to a flat surface or enjoy a ride to Pleasure Town. This adaptable toy seamlessly fits into a harness for strap-on adventures. The silicone body, housing a flexible wire, ensures easy adjustments with your hands while remaining sturdy during your playtime. For a face-to-face G-spot encounter, bend it with an upward curve. The Luna brings excitement in a compact package, proving that good things come in smaller sizes!

Safe Exploration: Discover a secure and pleasurable introduction to intimate exploration with our beginner-friendly mini dildo.

Silky Silicone Touch: Immerse yourself in the luxurious feel of a smooth silicone shaft, offering a premium and velvety sensation for heightened pleasure.

Blissful Stimulation: Experience elevated pleasure with our sweet-spot-seeking tip, boasting a gently rippled texture for out-of-this-world pleasure on the G-spot or P-spot.

Simplicity and Quality:

The Non-Realistic Textured Sensual Dildo Lust offers a simple, no-frills design without compromising on top-notch silicone quality. It provides a straightforward yet high-quality experience for users who appreciate simplicity.

Tailored Features for Comfort:

Smooth, featureless shaft and a head with the same diameter as the insertable body, this dildo caters to individuals who do not seek G-spot or prostate stimulation. The design is thoughtfully crafted to prioritize user comfort and preference.

Versatile Size Options for Exploration:

With size options ranging from small (4.57 inches insertable, 1.97 inches diameter) to large (6.89 inches insertable, 2.68 inches diameter), the dildo accommodates different preferences.

This versatility makes it an excellent choice for beginners, allowing them to experiment with sizes and discover their preferences in a comfortable and personalized way.

If you're considering owning just one dildo, the Alpha is the ultimate choice.

Harnessing the power of liquid silicone, the Crassie Alpha Dildo stands out as a pinnacle in sex toy innovation. Crafted to perfection, its skin-like texture combines a squishy, softer outer layer for a remarkably realistic feel. The surface boasts a tactile and elastic quality, while the core ensures sturdiness, making it ideal for enthusiastic penetration.

The Alpha sets a new standard in its category, offering three sizes that strike the perfect balance between intrigue and comfort. The outer layer's squishiness provides a unique sensation, making it feel slightly smaller than a single-density dildo of equivalent size. Featuring a gentle curve and a subtly pronounced head with realistic shape and vein details, the Alpha is designed for an authentic experience.

This versatile dildo is strap-on harness compatible, although users of underwear-style harnesses may need an extra minute or two for smooth maneuvering through the o-ring, given its diameter.

Available in two realistic flesh tones, the Alpha invites you to enhance your experience with ample water-based lube for optimal enjoyment. Elevate your pleasure with the Alpha – the go-to choice for those seeking a single, superior dildo.

Dual Pleasure Design:
Enjoy heightened sensations with this purple double dildo, featuring a smaller shaft for internal wear and a longer shaft for strap-on sessions with a partner.

Curved for Satisfaction:
The curved design offers 5 inches of insertable length on one end, connected to a 6-inch shaft, promising delightful satisfaction.

Adjustable Harness Compatible:
Comfortably fit with our adjustable harness, ensuring stability and control during use for a seamless experience.

Luxuriously Textured Pleasure:
Experience the thrill of luxuriously soft ribs that create waves of texture, delivering an unforgettable internal massage. These enticing features enhance double-ended fun for a heightened pleasure experience.

Targeted Stimulation with Curved Tip:
The round, smooth tip is delicately curved to focus on hot spots, whether it's the G-spot or P-spot. This ensures targeted stimulation, intensifying the pleasure and creating a personalized, satisfying encounter.

Beginner-Friendly Size:
Catering to beginners and those seeking a comfortable fit, this double-ended delight offers a non-intimidating 5 inches of insertable length. The perfectly sized design makes it an ideal choice for those new to this experience or preferring a more relaxed encounter.

Sensual Curves and Lengths:
Indulge in the deliciously curved design of this double dildo, featuring a 6.69-inch insertable length on one end and a longer, 7.48-inch shaft connected by a shared, flared base. The enticing curves and lengths promise a sensually satisfying experience.

Optimal Diameter for Pleasure:
At its widest point, the diameter measures 2.05 inches, ensuring a fulfilling and pleasurable experience. The thoughtfully designed dimensions add to the overall satisfaction of the encounter.

Slick with Water-Based Lube:
For the slickest experience, always use a generous squeeze of water-based lube. This enhances comfort, reduces friction, and ensures a smooth, enjoyable encounter with this enticing double dildo.

Kickstart your adventure with this hassle-free package, combining two fantastic products at an incredible price. The straightforward harness, featuring adjustable straps for a customized and secure fit, comes complete with an O-ring for strap-on play. Accommodating most dildos snugly, this package is the perfect addition to your collection.

Cater Harness Briefs - Wearable Fun Anytime:
Enjoy the discreet comfort of these harness briefs designed for all-day wear. Whether for immediate packing or strap-on play, slip in the Cater dildo to elevate the fun whenever you desire.

Versatility in Wear:
These briefs offer benefits beyond play. Wear them as daily underwear for comfort or incorporate your favorite Cater dildo into the O-ring for versatile strap-on adventures.

Double-Dildo Compatibility:
Compatible with double-ended dildos, these briefs, featuring a through-and-through O-ring design, seamlessly work with strap-ons, providing diverse options for your pleasure.

Sensually Curved Design:
The gentle arc and shapely design of this anal toy evoke the allure of sea creatures. Whether you envision an aquatic dragon or a giant squid, the sensually curved shape enhances the pleasure, providing a unique and satisfying experience.

Versatile Strap-On Enjoyment:
Explore diverse fantasies by incorporating this anal toy into a harness for strap-on play. The versatility of this option allows you to enjoy intimate moments with a favorite teammate, adding a new dimension to your pleasure.

Fantasy-Inspired Pleasure:
Indulge in fantasy-inspired pleasure as you choose between the imagery of an aquatic dragon or a giant squid. The design is poised to suit your fantasies, offering a visually captivating and thrilling experience during anal play.

Sleek and Rounded Design:

The toy features a sleek and rounded design, with a big swollen tip that smoothly and stealthily inserts into any waiting orifice. The extra thickness and strategic swells provide a noticeable stretch for enhanced pleasure.

Versatile Base:

If strapping it on isn't your preference, the base serves a dual purpose. It can be easily stabilized against most smooth nonporous surfaces, as it also functions as a suction cup. Press it firmly to windows, walls, countertops, or floors for a hands-free and adventurous ride.

In the realm of pleasure, finding the best dildo is a deeply personal journey. Here's a friendly guide to help you navigate the exciting world of adult toys, ensuring that your choice aligns perfectly with your desires.

1. Material Matters:

  • Opt for body-safe silicone, known for its non-porous nature and easy cleaning.
  • Explore dual-density silicone for a softer exterior and a firmer core.
  • Consider posable silicone options or venture into materials like stainless steel or sealed wood for a diverse range of sensations.

2. Sizing it Right:

  • Compare measurements with your existing favorites for the perfect fit.
  • Beginners or those with sensitivity may lean towards slightly smaller options.
  • Balance size with material, as dual-density silicone provides more flexibility compared to stainless steel.

3. Shape Sensations:

  • Experience heightened pleasure with ridged textures during thrusting.
  • Opt for dildos with larger bulbs for enhanced G-spot or prostate stimulation.
  • Explore curved shafts for a natural feel or a pronounced curve for targeted pleasure.

4. Understanding Intentions:

  • Tailor your choice based on your intended use.
  • For anal play, choose a dildo with a base larger than the shaft.
  • Ensure compatibility with strap-on sex by selecting the right diameter for your harness.
  • Posable dildos work well for pack and play scenarios.
  • Dive into solo pleasure with specialized options like the Pure Wand for G-spot or prostate orgasms.

Remember, your perfect dildo is adaptable to your desires. This guide is designed to make your shopping experience enjoyable, ensuring that every moment is as pleasurable as you envision. Happy exploring!

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