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Unlock Pleasure with DESIRE : The Ultimate DIY Experience

14. Nov 2023
Natural intimacy with dildo

According to surveys, only 20% of women reach climax in natural intimacy, while a whopping 94% can achieve it through DIY.

So, if you want to make reaching new heights of pleasure easier, please be brave to explore your secret garden.

Let's introduce our latest product this month - the "DESIRE" by Crassie. Don't be fooled by its small size; this little dildo brings a whole new level of excitement to your intimate moments.

Length: 6.61" / 16.8cm
Insertable Length: 5.98" / 15.2cm
Diameter : 1.46" / 3.7cm
Diameter at the base: 3.23" / 8.2cm

Strap-ons  "Desire":

Made from ultra-smooth soft silicone, the ergonomic pleasure-designed shaft flexes to comfortably fit the contours of your body. 
It not only fits comfortably in your hand for easy control but also covers your entire secret garden during use. With its layers of protrusions and indentations, the pleasure builds up progressively. the smallest head holds a secret known to all women. During DIY, most women focus on stimulating their "little bean" (clitoris), which has over 8000 sensory nerve endings—70% of a woman's climax originates here.

After awakening your body, a gentle slide on the clitoris with Desire brings sensation. Desire mimics real finger teasing, avoiding any discomfort.

Sensation Deep and Intense Climax Experience

While most toys stimulate the clitoris and vagina separately, Desire's versatility goes beyond that. Moving forward, it tends to areas deeper, and moving backward, it can transmit sensations to the internal parts, providing a deeper climax experience.


Many women experience heightened desire just before and during their menstrual period due to hormonal changes. Instead of traditional intimacy during this time, try a different approach. Place other sex toys like finger vibrators outside your underwear, avoiding complications while still enjoying pleasure.

With 10 custom frequencies, including rolling, teasing, and tingling vibrations, 10 SPEEDS MANGO PIE CLITORAL SUCTION STIMULATOR VIBRATOR  offers pleasure anytime, anywhere. A quick session and ecstasy is at your fingertips.



5 DIY Positions Self-Pleasure without Compromise

After a long day, pour yourself a glass of wine, choose a sultry playlist, undress slowly, and let Desire caress you through your underwear. Whether leaning against the bathroom wall with the warmth of the water and the coolness of the tiles or enjoying a solo Doggy position on the bed, Desire provides a unique and satisfying experience.

Place a pillow between your legs, feel your movements, and let Desire stimulate not just your clitoris. Take charge of your pleasure in the dark, lying in bed, as Desire explores your sensations, going deeper each time.

Other Concerns

Designed for life, Desire is making it easy to clean after use.

Material: Made from skin-friendly liquid silicone, Desire provides a comfortable grip without compromising the intensity of the experience.

Experience the pleasure revolution with Desire – your gateway to a world of self-discovery and satisfaction.

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