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Tips Of How to Hump A Pillow

20 juin 2024
pillow humping

Pillow humping, often eliciting giggles or blushes, is a surprisingly common and enjoyable form of sexual activity. This act, which involves using pillows for sexual pleasure, has been around for centuries. Pillows, known for their softness and comfort, can be creatively repurposed for intimate activities, especially for those exploring their sexuality.

Grab your coziest pillow and get to class. It’s time to learn how to hump a pillow. 

What Makes Pillow Humping So Appealing?

Pillow humping's popularity stems from its accessibility more even lower-tech suggestion: the humble pillow. Unlike other sexual activities requiring a partner or special equipment, all you need is a pillow, something most people already own. It also offers a high degree of control and customization. You can adjust pressure, angle, and speed to match your preferences, making it a highly personalized experience.

5 Pillow Humping tips

1. Classic Grind
Lie on your stomach with a pillow between your legs. Position the pillow to support your pelvis and gently grind against it using your hips. Adjust the pressure and speed to find the most pleasurable stimulation.  Some of them try rocking hips back and forth or in circular motions can enhance the experience. Experiment with different angles and movements for varied sensations.

2. The Roll 
Roll the pillow into a cylindrical shape and place it between your legs. Hold the ends for stability and move the pillow up and down or in circular motions against your vulva. This mimics the sensation of thrusting, allowing you to simulate penetration. Vary the speed and pressure to intensify stimulation.

3. Double Pillow Squeeze
Stack two pillows and place them between your legs, squeezing them together firmly. This creates a tight, cushiony space to hump against. Adjust the pressure by changing how tightly you squeeze the pillows and shift your body weight to explore different angles and depths of penetration.

4. Hip Elevation
Elevate your hips by placing one or two pillows under them. This changes the angle of penetration and provides a new sensation. Experiment with different heights and angles to find what works best for you, and try combining this technique with others like the classic grind or roll and rub.

5. Cozy Pillow Nest
Create a cozy and intimate space by surrounding yourself with pillows of varying sizes and textures. Arrange them in a comfortable, supportive configuration. This nest-like structure enhances the overall experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the moment.

Essential Tips for Pillow Humping

1. Create a Comfortable Space
Choose a private, comfortable spot where you won’t be interrupted. Privacy enhances comfort, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy the experience.

2. Choose the Right Pillow
While any pillow can work, some are better suited for humping than others. Experiment with different sizes and firmness levels to find what feels best for you.

3. Dress for the Occasion
Wear comfortable, movable clothing like pajamas or loungewear. If privacy allows, you can even strip down to your underwear or be nude for a more intimate experience.

4. Set Realistic Expectations
Sexual pleasure is highly personal. What works for one person may not work for another. Be patient and open to experimenting with different techniques to find what gives you the most pleasure.

5. Practice Relaxation Techniques
Start by relaxing your body and mind with deep breathing or meditation. This can help you fully engage in the experience. Listening to audio erotica can also enhance the mood.

Best Positions for Pillow Humping

Missionary Position
Lie on your belly with a pillow between your legs. Move your hips to create friction, allowing the added pressure from gravity to enhance the experience.
Cowgirl Position
Straddle the pillow as if riding a horse and rock your pelvis back and forth. This position gives you maximum control over pressure and speed.
Sideways Spoon Position
Lie on your side and spoon the pillow, creating a comfortable and intimate experience.
Knee Pillow Hump Position
Place the pillow between your legs while standing or lying down. Use one knee to hold it in place and press your thighs together for added pressure.

Why People Enjoy Pillow Humping

Pillow humping helps you discover what feels good sexually, offering a private and controlled way to experiment.
Stress Relief and Relaxation
Sexual activities, including pillow humping, trigger the release of endorphins, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.
Pillow humping is a safe alternative to intercourse, especially for those not ready for sex or without a partner.

Heighten the Experience With Sex Toys

While pillow humping can be incredibly satisfying, however, sex toys can take your pleasure to new heights. One of the good options is Magi vibrating dildo which can be inserted into the vagina to enhance sensation. Additionally, Desire, a liquid silicone 6 inch dildo with a suction cup base, is perfect for G spot stimulation. Simply attach Desire to a smooth surface, such as headboard, and ride it while humping your pillow for dual pleasure.

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