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If you don't get wet easily, how can you experience the orgasm of sex?

Nov 16, 2023
woman gets wet

Not long ago, in our forum, a lady grumbled about her intimate life with her partner, expressing her discontent with a string of words. What's obstructing sexual pleasure is quite clear.

Many partners are eager and impatient, but such haste hardly leads to enjoyment. Dry entry is like a train forcefully passing through a tunnel. It causes pain and even bleeding, significantly raising the risk of infection. [angry face]

Can't agree more!

I feel, and it's broken!!!

Some attribute this discomfort to size mismatches. Actually, vaginal flexibility is surprising; if childbirth is manageable, what's the "penis" after all?

The real issue is inadequate "wetness."

This "wetness" refers to the secretion of female arousal—Bartholin's fluid.


Crassie always focused on the importance of foreplay and shared various techniques and ways to guide partners through it. Some partners can be taught and gradually improve their skills, becoming more patient. Both partners become more at ease and enjoy the foreplay process.

However, not everyone easily gets "wet." According to Durex's survey, three-quarters of women have experienced discomfort during intimacy.

It's quite distressing; even with sufficient foreplay, dryness persists.


Why isn't the "Bartholin's fluid" cooperating?

See if any of the following resonate with you:

  1. Excessive obsession with cleanliness, always "deep Vigina" cleaning
  2. Irregular diet due to overindulgence
  3. Lifestyle imbalances leading to panda eyes and hormonal disruptions
  4. Various reasons causing vaginal inflammation
  5. Long-term use of contraceptives containing progesterone...
  6. Damn psychological stress, how can I relax my mind?
  7. Decreased estrogen levels, feeling less feminine


Medical data indicates:

Forcibly engaging in intimacy when the vagina is dry can lead to congestion, swelling, vaginal mucosal damage, resulting in infections, and potentially triggering various illnesses.

So, for those who wear condoms,


Remember to use lubricant!!!

Regardless of whether you're "wet" or not, the use of lubricant significantly enhances intimacy. For a high-quality sexual experience, using lubricant is perfectly acceptable!

Regarding lubricants, your knowledge might be insufficient.

Before choosing a lubricant, some research is necessary. Currently, lubricants on the market come in three types: oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based.


P.S.: "Base" refers to the lubricant's fundamental ingredients.

Oil-based lubricants are incredibly smooth and can generate heat after prolonged friction. However, they are incompatible with latex condoms, causing them to dissolve and making them prone to breaking. They can also alter vaginal pH and bacterial levels, leading us to directly dismiss them.

Silicone-based lubricants primarily consist of silicone resin, insoluble in water, ensuring prolonged lubrication and excellent performance, suitable for various underwater intimate activities.

However, if not washed immediately afterward, it becomes challenging to remove and damage products made of the same material. It means they can't be used with silicone-based adult toys. It might cause some irritation for some women, and they tend to be pricier, so they're not the first choice.

Lastly, let's look at water-based lubricants. These are currently the most popular on the market, primarily made of water, posing no threat to mucous membranes in the body; they are very safe.

Their acidity and viscosity are closer to bodily secretions, easy to clean, and can be used with condoms and various adult toys. The only thing to note is that water-based lubricants tend to evaporate, so reapplication is necessary.

So, summing up from the above,

The most recommended lubricant for you to use is water-based!

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