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We believe any Crassie purchase is sure to be your favorite piece of toys and you love to have it along with your fun time. We also believe that each purchase made at Crassie should have a pursuit for pleasure of intimacy. With Crassie, you will feel the difference, while making love.
We’ve highlighted Crassie strap ons, strapless dildos, vibrating suction, and other products with sleek and ergonomic styling.


Why We Create Crassie?

We founded Crassie out of a personal need and a gap I noticed in the market. It struck me and my lesbian friends that most lesbian toys were not designed with us in mind. They either lacked design based on women's body structure or just changed colors in realistic dildos like pink or red just because we are ladies. Even the lesbian porn was hilarious and not slightly representative of real lesbian sex. 

Clearly, many lesbian sex toys were mere adaptations, lacking an understanding of the far beneath of lesbian feelings, bodies, and thoughts. 

Frustrated by the lack of consideration for our unique desires and experiences?

Here we are, we created something of our own that was born out of the desire for lesbians to feel comfortable all the fun time!  Crassie is our answer to that void—a brand that genuinely understands and celebrates the diversity and intimacy of the lesbian community.

From Frustration to Formation

Our story isn't just about identifying a gap in the market; it's deeply rooted in our experiences and the glaring oversight of lesbian toys' unique needs and desires in the lesbian sex toys industry. 

These stereotypes and superficial adaptations served as a stark reminder of the broader societal issues, including the lack of understanding and respect for our rights, bodies, and connections. Fueled by a shared desire for change and the urge to affirm our existence, my friends and I, proudly part of the lesbian community, embarked on a mission. We envisioned creating a brand that would do more than fill an existing void—it would honor our diversity, embrace our intimacy, and champion the human rights inherent in acknowledging and celebrating our identities.

At Crassie, every curve, contour, and feature of our lesbian toys are designed with you in mind. Crafted by lesbians, for lesbians, our approach is deeply rooted in genuine understanding and respect for the intricacies of lesbian intimacy. 

Our designs are not just about lesbians with toys; they combine desires and the nuances of our connections.

Like our masterpiece designed with precision and care, CATER, Swirly design isn't just for looks; it's a texture sensation that adds a unique twist to every movement, enhancing pleasure with each turn. CATER follows the natural contours of your body, and it promises targeted stimulation, ensuring no sweet spot is left untouched. Whether you're exploring the depths of pleasure solo or with a partner, the suction base serves as a steadfast anchor for strap on play and ensures the CATER remains where you desire. It is firmly to smooth, flat surfaces and can also be the best shower dildo to invite you to discover the joys any moment.
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Our products stand as a testament to our focus: creating experiences that resonate with and deeply satisfy the unique preferences and needs of the lesbian community. We're not just another brand in the lesbian sex toys industry—we're a movement towards inclusivity, understanding, and respect.

By choosing Crassie, you're not just choosing lesbian toys. You're choosing a piece of innovation made with love, care, and an unwavering focus on the lesbian experience. You're choosing to support a brand that puts your desires, rights, and satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do. Welcome to a world where your intimacy is celebrated in every design, and your pleasure is our ultimate goal. Welcome to Crassie.  

Our Commitment: Authenticity, Quality, Community

At Crassie, we stand for more than just lesbian sex toys. We advocate for a world where every individual can explore and express their sexuality freely and safely. Our commitment to authenticity, quality, and community is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create a space where conversations about sexual wellness are open, inclusive, and empowering.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to explore our carefully curated collection, created by and for the lesbian community. At Crassie, you're not just a customer; you're part of a movement toward a more inclusive and understanding world. Let's celebrate the beauty of love, the joy of exploration, and the power of connection.