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Women Using Vibrators | The Essential Role of Vibrators in Sexual Wellness

12 de jun. de 2024
women using vibrator

This percentage comes from researchers at Indiana University, who published their findings in 2009, providing the first-ever reported data about vibrator use from a nationally representative sample. Since then, no larger studies have shown a significant change in this percentage. However, as sexual taboos have shifted and online shopping has made vibrators more accessible, it's reasonable to assume that this number has increased.

How Many Women Use Vibrators?

Vibrators can (and should!) be used by people of all Women. A 2004 survey of about 1,600 women aged 18 to 60 found that women aged 25 to 34 were most likely to have used a sex toy of any kind, while women aged 55 to 60 were equally likely to have tried one but half as likely to currently use one. Interestingly, the survey also found that sex toys were more commonly used by women in relationships than single women. Given the changes in societal attitudes over the past 15 years, this data should be viewed with some skepticism.

Recent Trends in Vibrator Ownership

According to data published by Statista, as of 2017, vibrators were the most commonly owned devices among women, with nearly 80% of sex toy owners above the age of 18 owning at least one—more than the six out of ten who own at least one form of lubricant.

In partnered interactions, 65.9% used vibrators during foreplay, and 59.4% used them during intercourse. Some research suggests that queer women are more likely to use sex toys than straight women.

Increasing ladies vibrater

Vibrator ownership has likely increased in recent years. As pop culture has made sexual wellness—including the use of vibrators—less taboo, more people have probably gotten their hands on a device. Recent data from Statista published in 2021 shows that 65% of female consumers own at least one kind of sex toy. In the next five years, the global sex toy market is expected to grow to be worth $52.7 billion, up from about $34 billion. Additionally, sex toy sales boomed at the beginning of the pandemic.

Vibrators and Sexual Health
Benefits of Vibrators for Sexual Dysfunction

One factor contributing to the increase in vibrator use, especially among an older demographic, is their usefulness for people with vaginas experiencing sexual dysfunction. Many gynecologists prescribe them for older patients because they help stimulate blood flow to the vagina, keeping lubrication glands well-primed.

Vibrators as a Treatment

A 2020 study published in the journal Sexual Relation Therapy found that vibratory stimulation is an accessible treatment for sexual dysfunction for people with both penises and vaginas. For those with penises, it can help combat erectile dysfunction. For everyone, it can help reduce anorgasmia (chronic difficulty reaching orgasm after ample sexual stimulation) and increase sexual desire. If you have a hard time reaching a climax for any reason, reaching for a vibrator can be beneficial

Women Using Vibrators : Enhancing, Not Replacing, Partnered Sex
Vibrators in Relationships

Charlotte from Sex and the City isn't the only person who's ever considered prioritizing a vibrator over her love life, but it's a misconception to think they can replace a partner. Sure, vibrators can be a great option if you're single, long-distance, or not having sex for any reason. However, using a vibrator and having sex with a partner is not mutually exclusive.

There's no age cut-off for vibrator use, and there's no shame in using one, whether you have a partner or not. Pleasure is a right for everyone, and with this simple tool, it's easier to prioritize your sexual well-being. That's something we can all stand for.

Women Using Vibrators: Embracing Sexual Wellness
Vibrators as a Common Choice

If you own a vibrator, you're part of the majority. Women across various age groups are embracing vibrators as a key component of their sexual health routine.

How Vibrators Enhance Sexual Health

Vibrators play a crucial role in enhancing sexual health. They help increase blood flow, improve lubrication, and make reaching orgasm easier for many women. Whether used alone or with a partner, vibrators are an invaluable tool for sexual wellness.

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