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How to use Aldut Shower Sex Toy | Best Ever Shower Dildo

4 feb 2024
Shower dildo

Exploring Safe Shower Sex Positions

The conventional wisdom of bedroom positions does not always translate well to the wet and wild context of shower romance. The limited space, the relentless cascade of water, and the slick surfaces necessitate a shift towards more imaginative configurations.


Elevate Your Shower Experience: Best Ways to Use Your Suction Cup Dildo 

So, you've got your hands on the perfect shower dildo, ready to take your shower routine to a whole new level of excitement. No need to hold back; let's dive into the most exhilarating positions that will make your shower sessions unforgettable. And hey, we're talking about enjoying some sensual fun – with a squirting dildo in the mix. Let's break it down for you.

Suction Cup Magic: Setting the Scene
Before we get into the steamy details, it's crucial to understand the power of a suction cup dildo. The key? Finding a smooth, flat surface. And where better than your shower or bathtub? Now, let's explore the top three positions that will turn your shower into a playground of pleasure.

Tips for shower sex

#1 Side Riding: A Sensational Shower Spectacle
Picture this: your play partner, firmly adhered to the tiles or porcelain finish of your shower. With your dildo securely in place, lower yourself onto it and ride your way to ecstasy. The hot shower steam adds an extra layer of intensity, creating a truly unique experience. Get ready for sensations that will leave you breathless.

#2 Shower Doggy Style: Wet and Wild Adventures
If you're a fan of the classic doggy style, brace yourself for an even more thrilling version in the shower. Stick your toy to a smooth tiled wall at the perfect height for you, then confidently back yourself onto your dildo. It's the ultimate wild ride, and for an extra dose of stimulation, introduce a showerhead into the mix. It's all about turning up the heat on your playtime.

#3  Bathtub Pleasure: Dive into the Depths of Desire
For those with a bathtub, we've got a tantalizing position to try with your dildo – a strapless strap-on adventure. Secure your toy to the bottom of the tub before filling it with water. Once the water's at your desired depth, take a seat on your dildo, and let your imagination run wild. It's like sitting atop your lover, surrounded by the sensual warmth of the bathtub water. Pure pleasure awaits.

#4The Classic From Behind
Simplicity often holds the key to profound experiences. With one partner anchoring themselves against the wall, a protective arch to their back, the other finds a haven in closeness from behind, their hands a reassuring presence on hips that speak of trust and desire.

#5The Delight of Oral Exploration
Shower encounters are not limited to penetrative acts. Oral pleasures, shared under the gentle pressure of water, offer a unique blend of intimacy and exhilaration. By taking turns, each partner can enjoy the dual sensation of water and warmth, a moment of giving and receiving that is both grounded and ethereal.

Making Waves in Your Intimate Routine
There you have it – a guide to turning your shower into a haven of pleasure with the perfect suction cup dildo. Remember, it's all about finding that ideal smooth surface and letting your desires take the lead. Whether you opt for side riding, shower doggy style, or indulge in bathtub pleasures, these positions are sure to elevate your intimate experiences. So, load up that cum lube, let it squirt, and embark on a journey of sensual exploration in the comfort of your shower sanctuary. Enjoy!

Bringing Some Toys and Choose Your Shower Companion Wisely
There you have it – the top 5 shower dildo are ready to spice up your shower adventures.

Sensual Dildo is designed for those just starting to experiment with sex toys. The non-realistic shape features a bulbous head, which is perfect for reaching those deeper internal places, delivering intense stimulation to your G-spot or P-spot.
Without the barrier of a harness, lesbian strapless dildos allow for skin-to-skin contact, fostering a deeper sense of intimacy between partners.They can experience pleasure simultaneously, creating a mutual connection and shared erotic experience.
The lower part of the penetrating part of the dildo is slightly girthier than our other dildos giving some receivers a better fuller sensation, the tip of the penetrating part goes from thin to wider providing the dildo with teasing, intense feeling for the receiver.

A soft, round tip, 3 sizes of insertable length and circumferences mean all experience levels are welcome to play.

Suitable for vaginal and anal penetration, the flared, suction-cup base will have you riding hands-free like a pro in no time.

Made from ultra-smooth soft silicone, the ergonomic pleasure-designed shaft flexes to comfortably fit the contours of your body. 

Strong Suction Cup Base: For hands-free play on any hard, flat surface.

Whether you opt for the Suction Master Alpha strong grip, the Shower Delight starry night dildo sophistication, the passionelle's aquatic allure, the sense's steamy vibes, or the Pink Dildo design – the choice is yours. Embrace the pleasure, attach your chosen dildo to the shower wall, and let the steamy sensations take you on a thrilling ride. It's time to make your shower sessions unforgettable!

Venturing into the realms of shower intimacy may start differently than anticipated. The experience, unlike conventional expectations, often necessitates a willingness to engage in trial and error. Discovering a harmonious blend that resonates with both your environmental constraints and personal inclinations requires patience and openness. It's essential to navigate this journey with a mindset geared towards safety, yet it's equally important to maintain a light-hearted perspective. After all, Shower sex is meant to be fun.

Lovemaking in the shower has a unique allure, irrespective of its conclusion. The shower positions thrill and closeness it fosters render it a fulfilling adventure, one that doesn't necessarily need to be pursued to its traditional end. Whether you choose to wrap up in the warmth of a towel immediately or continue your intimate journey beyond the confines of the shower, the experience remains a testament to the depth and playfulness of your connection.


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